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$50 per month†. Period. No Restrictions. No surprises. No contract.
Also available for one-time events or projects (3 months) for $150.00.
We also have a new option for any of our clients, if you pay for at least 3 active months per calendar year, and wish to continue to use Volunteer Matrix, we can continue to host your system during the off-season for just $10 per month. This gives you full access to your volunteer database, reporting, exports, etc. during the off season. During this time, you would be unable to create new events or shifts or schedule volunteers. No need to export your data, and have to re-import or have to re-setup the system next year, and all system upgrades are applied to your account as well.
† Per organization or geographic area.
If you are a state organization with offices in 20 locations, we cannot provide 20 separate calendars and services to support over 100 admins with one $50 monthly package. We can offer an extremely competitive package and pricing based on your specific needs.
All features and our awesome personal support via phone & email & screen sharing is included.

How is it possible to offer our Awesome Software for such an Awesome Price?!

1) Because our HEART is in it!
Tools for Organizations (Volunteer Matrix) has been working with 501c3 nonprofits only for over 15 years now. Our Mission has always been to provide the best technology solutions at prices that virtually any nonprofit can afford. Unlike most nonprofit centric companies which charge "competitive rates" (i.e. the same price as everyone else in the market), our business model is more focused on your continued success rather than the typical "what the market will bear" pricing. It's our way of giving back (in a big way since we are often only 20% the cost of competitors software). By making our awesome software affordable to thousands more nonprofits than other companies, we like to think we are in some way empowering many thousands of volunteers to take action and support their local organizations in their missions. We still continue to provide pro bono services to some of our clients on-going on more than 15 years now.
2) The integrity behind it
Once your organization is set up with Volunteer Matrix, whether you have 100 or 50,000 volunteers in your volunteer database doesn't matter. It's not taking our company more time or energy to do anything, the software manages everything you need by itself. Storage space in a database of 50,000 volunteers is actually very small. So, perhaps the question really should be, how can other companies who charge by the number of volunteers, admin users, or projects justify charging you a thousand(s) dollars or more per year when it's not justifiable. If the software is intuitive and easy to use, then this greatly reduces the amount of support your organization will need, and as such we can afford to include unlimited support.
Very few of our competitors post their actual service costs on their websites. A few list their "base" price with few features, but make you call them to get the real price that it will cost you, and that is guaranteed to go up as you have more volunteers &/or administrative users. Often their base price includes dramatically fewer features and zero support. We have only one package, which includes everything.
Don't let our low price make you think that Volunteer Matrix is not BETTER than any other volunteer software available. We provide better software and support than any other volunteer management software available.
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